Rent My Studio!

If you’re a new renter:
FAQ + Important Details are at the bottom of this page!

Hi friend! Soooo, I see you’re taking a peek at my adorable studio in the heart of Hurstbourne Parkway (Across the Street from Drake’s – yay!)

**Before you read further, please note it is a 2nd floor walk-up with no elevator (old building probs) Many of my clients have shedding pets. There will always be trace amounts of pet hair even though I clean thoroughly before and after each rental. The brightest time of day is 10:00am-4:30/5pm ish.** Okayyyy, continue!

It is literally THE cutest space, it’s 1135 square feet with BIG windows, an in-studio bathroom, mini fridge, hair and makeup station, light gray walls, a white accent wall, an air mattress for bedroom setups, a changing room, a faux shower set up, black sequin backdrop, backdrop stand, white and cream colored seamless paper, ring light + stand, chairs, TONS of open floor space because when you have beautiful floors, you better show them off, a seating area AND my entire client closet of lingerie + sweater collection are all included with your rental! Lawd, that was a lot! Alsoooo, all of the larger pieces (chairs + couch) are on felt sliders and can be moved easily.

Let's Talk Pricing

Hourly Weekday $35 per hour // 2 hour minimum required

Hourly Weekend $45 per hour // 2 hour minimum required

Full Day Weekday $200 for 8 hours

Full Day Weekend $300 for 8 hours


I'm Ready!


Does the studio have “neighbors”?
- Kind of lol, Lush Hair Salon is downstairs straight through the main door but my studio is the only space upstairs. There's a law office next door but they can't access the building my studio is in. The ladies at Lush are super sweet and have great coffee :)

What all is included in the studio rental?
- You have full use of the entire space. I have a ring light, a white accent wall tapestry, black sequin backdrop with 2 backdrop stands and clamps. There is a shit ton of super cute stuff, seating area, and tons of functional floor space AND big amazing windows! I have a “shower” set up, loveseat, 2 grey metal barstools, 2 air mattresses (queen and full), white sheet sets, throw blankets and pillows, and 400+ piece client closet that are all included!
*** I cannot guarantee that all pieces in the client closet will be available as they are single use then sanitized.

How do I get into the studio? Do you have to be there?
I’ll provide main door and studio door lock codes upon signing the contract and paying your retainer and nope, it’s all yours! If you don’t have biz insurance then I do need to be on-site (not in the studio with you) or get approval from my landlord!

- There is plenty of parking available in front of the building, even on weekends!

Can I arrive early?
- You’re welcome to arrive up to 15 minutes before your rental period begins, you rental ends promptly at the time you select (ex. 9am-5pm, you can arrive at 8:45am at the earliest but MUST be out by 5pm). I require one video of you scanning the studio to show me how you left it and one video of you locking my door upon your exit to 1. ensure my studio is locked up properly and 2. know what time you exit. You will be charged for any additional time, factor clean up into your rental period when booking.

Who can rent the studio?
Photographers, videographers, and other creatives! I am extremely cautious with who is able to utilize my studio space because 1. you’re directly representing ME when you’re using the space (since it’s leased to me + under my insurance) and 2. I don’t want to piss anyone off with bad renters!

Here are a few things that are a *no* for when you use the studio:
- Absolutely No Glitter (that shit's SO hard to clean up)
- No candles (with a real flame)
- No jumping or flopping on the furniture
- No sitting on tables
- No pets (unless you ask first, usually I’m cool with it)!
- Don’t be a turd hole and leave my studio or client closet looking like Macy's after a Black Friday sale (aka, a mess, if you do, you will not be able to rent it again. No exceptions.)